Surry Hills Markets

Surry Hills Markets

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The Surry Hills Markets are an essential fundraiser for the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre, specialising in handmade, second-hand and recycled goods. The Markets are held from 7:00am to 4:00pm on the first Saturday of every month, at the corner of Crown and Collins Sts, Surry Hills, in Shannon Reserve, Surry Hills, regardless of weather. In wet weather, the market may be restricted to the paved area. Over Christmas and New Year, the normal schedule is maintained. Come and enjoy!

Devonshire Tea @ Surry Hills

Have a break from the Market and enjoy a delicious Devonshire Tea at the Surry Hills Markets. Open on Market Days between 12noon and 3pm Level 1 in the Surry Hills Library and Community Centre. Only $6.00 per serve.

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Photographs by Mike Salon

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Movie by Bob Starkenburg


The Markets have been an integral part of the Surry Hills community since 1981. In response to community consultations, the Markets were set up to trade in recycled, second hand or handmade goods, distinguishing them from other community markets.

The original concept was to offer a focus for Surry Hills which was experiencing rapid changes in local population, and to provide an opportunity for local low-income earners to make additional money. Over the years, Surry Hills has continued to be ever-changing, and the Market now provides an opportunity for locals and visitors to experience the unique diversity of our area. A visit to the Market, either as a buyer or seller, is a reminder that the notion of a community market is still viable in the rapidly changing inner-city environment.

The Market Coordinator is an employee of the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre. The Surry Hills Markets are an essential fundraiser for the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre.